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Estate planning primer

My short primer on estate planning is that it offers one of the most substantial ways that you can define how our laws, in particular property rights, affect your family. It offers you ways to organize your assets (both how they benefit you now and after your passing), formalize family decisions (such as guardianships), gain some protection from creditors, do some tax-planning, and make health-care decisions ahead of time.

Based on how you want to approach your plan and the specifics of your life situation, your strategy can include anything from a simple will and a health-care directive, to a full suite of documents (trusts, will, health-care directives, powers of attorney, etc.) that maximizes your present-day wishes.

I know you may already have a plan in place, and if so, I’d recommend that you review that plan with someone every 3-4 years. Many of the tax law changes and some of the estate planning recommendations specific to your situation likely have changed in recent years. Moreover, your wishes and perspectives on your plans may have changed.

Whether you want to start a plan or review one already in place, I hope we talk soon. I think my prices are affordable, so hopefully that isn’t a barrier.

Best to you and yours.

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